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Testimonial 1

As a former marathon runner and workout enthusiast I was constantly in training. After being diagnosed with cancer in late 2011, I was not able to workout or run for quite sometime. Although I continued walking, it was not enough to keep my body in shape and I had lost my muscle tone and had also put on weight. I slowly returned to my regimen in a much milder form. I couldn't find anything that really worked for me. I tried a few times to start running, but my body retaliated. My oncologist recommended that I incorporate strength training into my regimen. I had always been a cardio junkie.

I met Cindy in the summer of 2013 and by September she was training me twice a week. We have been working together ever since. I really look forward to my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Cindy. In the past I've become tired of workouts. I can honestly say with Cindy, I have never been bored. I don't think I've ever repeated a workout. She is also a great listener. We have worked through issues with my hip and knees and still continued to make progress in spite of this. She simply modifies my workouts at a moments notice. Cindy also understands that we all have issues. She herself is in middle age and does not ever expect her clients to do something that would put them at risk. Cindy is a great role model! She squeezes in her workouts by rising at a ridiculously early hour every morning. Just hearing her talk about her workouts motivates me to want to do more. After 50+ workouts, I feel amazing. I've lost weight (in places I needed to) and I am toned like I've never been before. I am also doing a little running which she has added into my workouts.

Most importantly, Cindy is a good person and it's her life's passion to help transform people and make them better.

Thank you Cindy for all you've done (and continue to do) for me.


Valerie Hall

Testimonial 2

Coming off a back injury for the last month of my spring season this summer was especially important for me to get back in shape and prevent any injuries in the future. Coach Cindy helped me achieve this and more. The positive and welcoming atmosphere and her genuine care for my health led to my back feeling the best it has in years. She got me back in the shape I needed to be in with limited time. My total body workouts were always difficult but unique and fun. I am so happy I chose Cindy and the Training Studio.

- Riley Higgins, Ohio University Field Hockey

Testimonial 3

I love that TRAIN LIKE A GIRL, recognized the need to offer fitness training to girls age 12 and up. Finally this age group is invited to workout and begin habits that will last a lifetime. All around muscle, balance, strength and endurance are benefits which help all sports. The camaraderie between the girls is also a special benefit. My daughter loves going and making new friends from many different schools and sports. They are like a little team as they support each other through the workouts. I am just so thankful that my daughters have found a place where they are encouraged and empowered to make healthy choices. We plan on utilizing the TRAIN LIKE A GIRL program for many years. My daughter runs in there twice a week with a big smile and comes out with the same smile and more confidence. THANK YOU, Coach Cindy and all of you at The Training Studio.

- Elizabeth Lenihan

Testimonial 4

This past summer I had the pleasure of assisting Cindy Geer with the Train Like A Girl program. I loved working with the girls and seeing them improve their overall strength. I wish there had been a program like this when I was in middle school/high school. The program and individual attention in each class creates fun but hard working environment that the girls can take to the field/pool/etc. I hope I get a chance to work with Cindy and the rest of the girls at TLAG in the future!

- Mallory Tyler, Michigan State Field Hockey

Testimonial 5

Feel the need to post. Cindy Koplon Geer is the best! Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about several things. I worked out with her (private session which is not common) and it made the biggest difference. She gave me a great workout and listened as I talked (through several bouts tears). Yesterday she was my trainer, my therapist, and my friend. Those of you who know her are not surprised but I'm feeling grateful. And she sent me a text this morning to check on me...

-Denise Waggener